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MD/PhD Dual Degree


MD/PhD Dual Degree Program

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences in conjunction with the School of Medicine offers an MD/PhD degree. Students interested in the Biology of Aging may perform research for thesis work within the Biology of Aging Discipline.

We are seeking applicants who are committed to becoming physician-scientists and who wish to conduct rigorous, hypothesis-driven laboratory or population-based research into some of the most vexing biomedical problems we face, including: cancer, cardiovascular disease, aging, infectious diseases, obesity and diabetes, neurological/psychiatric disorders and neurodegenerative diseases, osteoporosis and other musculoskeletal disorders, diseases of the immune system, and others.

The dual degree program is a seven-year program, in which students complete two years of School of Medicine and then embark full-time on their PhD dissertation research for three years. It is anticipated that the requirements for the PhD degree, including dissertation research, will be completed during the following three years, after which students will complete the final two years of School of Medicine.

Students will select their laboratory rotations, their graduate program affiliation and their supervising professors from an outstanding array of distinguished members of the graduate faculty derived from both the Medical and Graduate Schools with the advice and approval of the Director and the MD/PhD Program Advisory Committee.

Financial support includes a stipend throughout all medical school years and tuition, fees, and fringe benefits provided through all years of enrollment. This support is derived from the MD/PhD program. During the graduate school phase, supervising professors are expected to provide stipend support as well as tuition and fees. There is an annual stipend of $26,000 provided for the duration of the program including the last two years of medical school. The Biomedical Engineering program annual stipend is $21,000 during the graduate school years, however a graduate school stipend for all other Ph.D tracks is $26,000. Upon re-entry into medical school, support is provided for 4 semesters. The MD/PhD program also provides for tuition and fees during all years within the medical school phase of the program.

For additional information on the MD/PhD Program, visit: MD/PhD Dual Degree Program.


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